Monday, 17 November 2014

Day 5 and 6 - Toucheng Farm Resort, Taipei 101, Ximengding and Damshui Old Street

Today was a rainy day but I still enjoyed myself. We fed the animals in the farm which was very enjoyable. We also made a pizza with corn, onion, ham, cheese and tomato sauce. It was a great experience as Singapore usually does not have these type of activities. After our enjoyable pizza, we used paint to design our own t-shirt. The teacher taught us how use different types of leaves to have different designs on the t-shirt. After that, we wrote our wishes and released a lantern into the sky. Even though our lantern burnt half way, I treasure this moment with my friends. In conclusion, this trip was very fun.

- Renee

In the morning, we took a 40 min bus ride from Toucheng Farm Resort to Taipei.

When we reach Taipei, we went outside Taipei 101 to take pictures. After taking picture, we went to Ximending and enjoy our lunch at the Modern Toilet Restaurant. After eating lunch, we went shopping at Ximending area. After shopping at Ximending, we went to Damshui Old Street. At Damshui Old Street, we are given 200 taiwan dollar for our dinner. We also went shopping during our dinner time.

In the evening, we went to watch a dance performance near Damshui Old Street. The performance had 2 man and 5 ladies. They perform 5 different performance. After the show we all went back to our hotel. We really have a wonderful time together and this trip bonded us. I am very sure it will bring the dance team closer together and we can put in more wonderful team performance in the future.

- Xavier

Friday, 14 November 2014

DAY 4 Taizhong, 921 Earthquake Museum, Suncake Bakery, Fengjia Night Market

In the morning, we took a 3 hour bus ride to Taizhong. We went to eat lunch at a restaurant before we went to a art museum where we saw many owl art piece. We went to the 921 earthquake museum. The museum was once a school and the earthquake took place at night. I think that Singaporeans are very lucky cause we do not experience earthquake. We have an simulated earthquake experience and watch a 3D movie on Earthquake. I learned a lot more about earthquake. It's very interesting how earthquakes occur. We also went to the Fengjia night market. Night markets in Taiwan are very different from night markets in Singapore. It was a indeed a really good experience.

- Kheeing

We took a bus for 3hrs to Taizhong. During the 3 hr tide to Taizhong, some people are sleeping and some watching a show about the monkey and the dog. I find that the show is really funny and cute and I would not mind watching it again. Since we have spare time, we went to a crafting museum. The place is full of beautiful artworks. Then we went to the earthquake centre. I learn that the centre was once a school before the earthquake happen. I experience a simulated earthquake in the earthquake theatre. It was fascinating as Singapore did not experience any earthquake. We made food in a suncake factory . It is an enjoyable experience. The fun part of today's activity is the night market as we have a lot to buy for our friends and family.

- Kimberly

We went to Taizhong, taking 3 hours long bus from Kaoshiong . We went eat lunch first, then to the art museum. In the art museum there are many hand made objects. After that we went to the earthquake centre, it was previously a school but because of the earthquake (took place during midnight, the students were very lucky), it was damaged and rebuilt into an earthquake centre. We also went to their threater and experience "earthquake" and watch a 3D earthquake movie . After that we went to make suncakes and bought some too. We went to eat dinner and go to the night market  after making my very own suncake. The food today were very delicious . We bought a lot of stuff at a night market and we went to hotel. It was a very good experience and I think we are very lucky to not have earthquake in Singapore.

- Emily

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

DAY 3 - Qijin Island (Xizi Bay), Zuoying Senior High, Liuhe Night Market

Today is the 3rd day for us in Taiwan. We went for the traditional dance training with Zuoying Senior High. The practice is not as tiring as compared to traditional dance. But, I learnt something from them. After 2 days of training, I actually noticed that they can hold onto their positions for quite long. It is definitely more than 8 counts. I am really impressed by them as they never ever complain about it. I promise to learn from them. We also went to ride a 4-wheel bicycle around an island and this experience taught me teamwork.

- Siqi

This is my third day in Taiwan. It was a very tiring day for us.We went to Qijin island, Xizi Bay in the morning and we get to experience the thrill of riding a 4-wheel bicyle as a team. The weather and climate there is a nice place to take photographs. Later, we went to practise dance training with the seniors from Zuoying Senior High. Even though they are good in their flexibility, they did not put us down but helped us along with the exercises. From this experience, I can say that people in Taiwan are very friendly and helpful and I must learn from them. The short dance choreography they put up for us is another wonderful learning. From them, I learn resilience by not giving up even if you cannot do it properly but if you practice you will get it right. We end off the day with a visit to the night market. It is an unique experience as we seldom have such a big scale night market in Singapore.

- Liling

Today was our third day in Taiwan. Today we went to Xizi bay and took a ride on Qijin ferry and discover Qijin old street. At Qijing, we took a ride on a bicycle which can take 4 people. This bicycle are hardly seen in Singapore. After riding for awhile, we stop at the beach on Qijin and rested there and even took photo there with my friends . After coming back to xizi bay,  We went to the school to have our dance training together with the Taiwanese students, we managed to challenge ourselves further and even learn new dance movements. We went to the night market after that and played mini games with our friends and eat the smelly tofu. We really had lots of fun as its quite rare in Singapore to find a night market which have rides and also nice food to eat. This is definitely one of the days I would remember during my trip in Taiwan

 - Xavier and Jun Quan

In the morning, we took the ferry to Qijin island. In the ferry we see motorcycles. We were told everyday people would take the motorcycle through the ferry to travel back and fro due to work, the hardship of the people. After we arrive, we saw many 4 seater bicycle. All of us took one in fours and ride away.  It was one of my best time, the cycling trip was really thrilling and exciting. I learnt from this experience that safety comes first and then fun. After that, we returned to Zuoying Senior high and dance with level 3 seniors. I met this 2 Senior who is very nice to us. The traditional dance was the best! We learn a lot about teamwork. At night we went to Liuhe night market, we bought many things and rode a mini Viking. It was really fun. In conclusion, we learnt how to control our expenses, have teamwork, fun, built up my confidence and the notion of  "No pain,  no gain".

- Josiane


DAY 2 - Zuoying Senior High School

The second day of the taiwan trip was very interesting.We met alot of different people and made many friends. They are very friendly and helpful and also very focused in class. The way they learn during lessons are very interesting too.They are also very environmental friendly as they use their own utensils to eat their lunch. I feel that we should feel grateful that we have life easier than them as they have to stay till very late at night for school. As for the dance program, I learnt that they are very disciplined and very focused on their dance. Unlike us, they practice dance almost everyday and they are also giving in their full energy and effort, I feel that we should really learn from them.

- Amanda

The second day of Taiwan was exciting! The Taiwan students are actually friendly and helpful. Even though it is hard for me to communicate with them, I was still able to talk to them in English . We are able  to experience their school life. During Dance program, I learnt that they have 8 lesson per week and also long training hours unlike us. We have 2 lessons per week and the training hours are not as long as them . Their dance choreography is also quite interesting as I did not see such a wonderful dance before. This experience taught me not to complain about our dance training hours.

- Adlina Amirah

Today was definitely one of days I would remember as I learn a lot in our immersion lessons as well as making lots of new friends from Taiwan.  When I was located to 203 classroom together with Li Ling, I was nervous and afraid that they will not like us as well as because of the language barrier between us Singaporeans and the Taiwanese. But, they were actually very friendly and welcome us with smiles on their faces. We went through lessons and felt what it was like studying in their school. It makes me appreciate living in Singapore as they have to stay in school till 5 to study.  During the dance lessons,  I make a  new friend who is my dance partner for the day. She was very friendly and always try her best to teach me the steps that we have to do. She motivates me to do better even though we have to learn it within a short period of time and that alone taught me about having the self-confidence and always help and motivate others around me. I went to the ballet lesson which was level 2 together with Renee and they were definitely well prepared and on a totally different skill level from us and always try their best to improve themselves and others. It was hard for me to keep up as I do not have much experiences in ballet but thanks to the Taiwanese  dancers, I managed to keep up and make it through. From my opinion , I think that it takes a lot of motivation as well as hard work to be at that skill level. I think that now comparing my life to the Taiwanese dancers, they definitely are more independent and more united while we are not putting in our full energy towards dancing. 
- Andrea Chng

Today was a fun day as I managed to know how is like being in a school in another country. I experiend their school rules which are very much different from ours. Their students are really friendly and nice. I am really happy to meet these students. During the training I was amazed by the dancers there, they were so united and hardworking. I have learnt when that there is no pain , there is no gain. 

- Valerie